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    Study medicine in Poland!


    Are you ready for a new exciting, educational and cultural experience? Would you like to study medicine in the heart of Europe? Do you want to become a doctor in the future? Poland is your answer!


    There are 8 medical universities in Poland addressing their offer to the prospective students from all over the world. The courses provided in numerous medical disciplines are all available in English.


    Below, you will find an offer for foreign students presented by the top Polish Medical Universities:


    1.      Nicolaus Copernicus University – Collegium Medicum in Bydgoszcz (UMK)

    -          General information on UMK

    -          Leaflet on UMK

    -          More information on:


    2.      Medical University of Gdańsk (MUG)

    -          The Invasive Medicine Centre

    -          English Language Course

    -          Premedical course

    -          General information on MUG (brochure)

    -          More information on:


    3.      Poznan University of Medical Sciences (PUMS)

    -            General information on PUMS (brochure)

    -            PUM’s Center for Medical Education in English – contact details

    -            More information on:


    4.      Medical University of Silesia (SUM)

    -            Guide for candidates – including full English Language Program and requirements

    -            Main schools of the University and fields of studies (brochure)

    -            Basic information on SUM (brochure)

    -            More information on:


    5.      Medical University of Lodz (UM)

    -            Basic Information for Foreign Students

    -            More information on:


    6.      University of Varmia and Masuria in Olsztyn (UVM)

    -            EPIC – English Language Programme (ELP)

    -            Information guide

    -            More information on:


    7.      Medical University of Warsaw (WUM)

    -            Information guide

    -            Leaflet on UMK

    -            More information on:


    8.      Jagiellonian University – Medical College in Krakow

    -            More information on:


    If you wish to obtain more information on studying in Poland, please visit also the website:



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